The Green Scene is a sustainability enterprise that works with businesses, events and individuals to make sustainability happen one step at a time. We are a social-eco enterprise with a big vision to create positive change.

We believe that if everyone starts to takes steps towards sustainability then our overall cumulative effect will be a positive shift for our planet.

Sustainability Services

Sustainability Prioritisation

The Green Scene works with businesses no matter what their sustainability aim, it may be to address inefficiencies or it may be to push the boundaries of sustainability in your sector. We can show you what is possible and help to establish a sustainability vision that encompasses what you prioritise as important and where you can have the most impact for your business or event.

Sustainability Auditing

The Green Scene can help take you from where you are at and determine areas of improvement to become more sustainable.  We are able to provide base line sustainability auditing to determine where the most beneficial areas are to improve the footprint of your business or event.

Sustainability Action Plans

After a baseline audit is established we can then look at an action plan that prioritises your goals on where we can take your business. Our Sustainability action plans can set your sustainability goals into manageable steps that consider both costs and time and effort. Your action plan is your strategic pathway to achieving sustainability.

Implementing Sustainability

Whether you are focusing on business, employee education, a café/restaurant or an event we can assist in implementing your sustainability goals. The steps will be different for each individual case.  Some will need sustainable procurement, others will need assistance with staff and employee behaviour change training, events may need a detail Sustainability management plan put into action. We can establish the areas you need assistance in putting your sustainability actions into place.

Monitoring and Reporting

Once the steps are in place and you are improving your ecological footprint and overall sustainability, The Green Scene can assist in monitoring your achievement. We are able to report on where you have come in your sustainability journey and show the results of your effort. Monitoring, Evaluation and Sustainability reporting is a service The Green Scene can offer, we can also include where the next step of improvements can be made.

Spreading your Reach – Sustainability Marketing

The Green Scene provides consulting to help you reach more customers that value businesses and events that tread lighter on our planet. We can develop a Sustainability Marketing Strategy and assist in promoting where your business has made a difference. This can be through our associated Green Guides, or via Social Media, standard media and even other promotional material such as video and print media.

Who we work with:

Businesses: The Green Scene works with Small to Medium sized business of all different sectors, as well as with individuals and employees for larger organisations and companies. Working directly with business owners and managers is our specialty as this is where the most important sustainability shifts take place.

Hospitality: We specialise in working in the hospitality sector, we see this as a key area where large sustainability improvements can be made. There are many opportunities for restaurateurs and café owners to make simple changes to their business practices which can attract more customers and make them stand out from the others in the sector.

Events: From conferences to multi-day festivals, The Green Scene can minimise the impact of your event and create a positive legacy for your business’s event. We can assist from all stages of event planning to implementations well as monitoring and reporting of your events foot print.


The Green Scene is based out of Fremantle Western Australia, however we can provide sustainability consulting to businesses anywhere. We are happy to use Skype and other online platforms to make our services available wherever they are needed.