The Team

Jamie Van EgmondJamie Van Egmond – Director

I am an eco-entrepreneur.

But really what I am is a sustainability consultant and coach.

I am amazing at breaking down the complexity of sustainability and inspiring  behavior change.

I have dedicated most of my life to exploring how we can take better care of our planet and the people that live on it.

When you work with me you can expect passion driven enthusiasm, that gets the job done,   and you will be delighted and surprised at how easy and positive sustainability can be in your life.

My work matters because we need to give our grand children a beautiful and healthy planet   to inherit. And I am here to remind you that we can all contribute to the solution. Each    small step we take has a collective impact.

My question for you is, What can you do to live  lighter on this planet?

To sum it all up, I am the director and founder of The Green Scene.

I am a practical change maker. Inspiring Sustainability one step at a time.